Dimension Invaders Augmented Reality Game for iPhone

With the newer iPhone OS and the improvements in graphics and performance, the mobile gaming app sector is booming with new additions to the phone’s repertoire of entertainment.  The hottest type of game are what are called augmented reality.

In these games, the phone’s camera creates a “see through” screen and the game overlays its game play onto the real-life backdrop.  Dimension Invaders is one of the newest and best of those augmented reality games to hit the mobile.

Dimension Invaders launched in December and has since seen some upgrades and a huge boost in popularity.  The game works only on the iPhone 3GS (no iTouch or older phones).  The object of the game is to shoot the blue blogs that float around in front of you as you move the phone around.  On the left corner is a radar that shows you where the blobs are, but you hae to actually turn to find them.

This makes the game both physical and electronic.  The blobs can appear anywhere in the three dimensions, so you’ll be required to look up, down, left and right to find them.  Once you do, you blast away to destroy them before they destroy you.

A health meter (symbolizing the power state of your “shield” in the game) tells you how you’re doing.  The controls are a little quirky and take some getting used to, but once you get the aiming down, you can blast away with impunity.

The game is challenging, fun, and onlookers will think you’re nuts while you play. I recommend playing while in a swiveling office chair, as standing up and playing could pose some balance problems.  Enjoy!

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