Digital Chocolate Downsizing

The social and mobile game maker Digital Chocolate has seen some big changes in the past couple of days.  Founder and CEO Trip Hawkins has stepped down from the company and President Marc Metis is rumored to have stepped in as interim CEO (this will likely be confirmed on Tuesday).  The company has also laid off roughly 180 employees from foreign offices in India, Russia, and possibly in San Mateo, California.

Hawkins broke the news of his leaving on the company blog and says he’ll be a consultant and adviser to the company going forward.  He says the company is “narrowing its focus.”

Hawkins is best known as the founder of Electronic Arts, which just had its 30th anniversary and is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world.

Layoff rumors aren’t confirmed, but Tech Crunch says that about 180 employees are to be let go worldwide as Digital Chocolate closes its Mexicali, Armenian offices and Sandlot operations in Bothell, Washington, and St. Petersberg.  Half the employees at the Bangalore and San Mateo offices will also be let go.

This comes as the company has seen significant drops in its games’ popularity on Facebook and other platforms, falling to only number 61 on the most popular FB games lists.

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