Digg This! Digg Is Hiring and Firing

What better then to do with all the cash you recently raised a couple of months ago, then fire 10% of your staff.  That is exactly what Digg just announced they will do.  Rumors have it that Digg will cut 10% of their staff in an effort to save money.  At the same time they intend on hiring additional people for their sales images1team, since the current sales staff they have, are doing such a good job in helping the company turn a profit.  Kindly note that Digg has 75 employees, so this will affect only a small few.

With over 30 million visitors to Digg each month, you would think someone in the organization would have figured out how to make money by now.  When you can’t make money, the smart thing to do, is follow all the other web companies and lay folks off, to show how conservative you are with your spending.

Digg CEO Jay Adelson said in the company blog that they are focusing their efforts on turning a profit this year.  He hopes to do this buy hiring a direct sales force and head of sales, as well as rolling out high profile advertising programs.  He also hinted that if things get better for the company that he would consider bringing some of the talent back that he had to release into the wild.

Excellent sign for the economy….more layoffs.

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