Diddit: Social To-Do Lists

logoLet’s face it: to-do lists and websites, software, and whatever else to track them are getting ridiculously common. The old days with the scrap paper on the fridge marked “Honey Do’s” are nearly gone. The usefulness of to-do lists has become kind of overrated with the inundation of software (often at complexity levels way too high) and lack of interest in such heavy Type A organization.

Well, Diddit will fix that. Sure, it’s a to-do manager, but not the kind you think it is. It’s not meant to track your daily tasks for work, housecleaning, or soccer mom duties. Instead, it tracks your life tasks. You know, the important stuff. Like when you’re going bungee jumping, which bars (both famous and infamous) you haven’t visited yet, and even the Bizarre Retro Candies you haven’t tested yet.

At first glance, this seems pretty stupid. I mean, why should my friends (did I mention the site is totally sharable?) care if I’ve driven an Aston-Martin or sent anyone Virtual Crack Rock? Try the site out, though, and you’ll soon find yourself addicted and working hard to get your friends hooked too. I don’t mean to virtual crack either.

You can list (or find on their pre-made lists) just about anything, including books you’ve read (or want to read), games, movies, and more. You’re likely to find a lot of stuff you WANT to do that you didn’t realize you hadn’t done and had never previously really thought of doing. I added “Ride a Harley naked” to my list, for example.

Going one step deeper, every item on the list has a profile that can be clicked and filled in. This not only allows you to put in personal anecdotes or other information, but includes user reviews/ratings from the site for others who’ve experienced the item too. If you’ve have every one of Baskin Robbins 31 flavors, you might find a lot of others have too and can share the experience with them.

To prove the addiction factor of the site, it just launched publicly in early February and already has over 10,000 members.

Diddit is similar to a lot of other sites, but not quite the same as any of them. It’s well worth looking at and spending time on, but be prepared to get addicted. Ever listen to the entire album of Dark Side of the Moon in reverse? Me either, but it’s on my to-do list now.

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