DailyFill: The Latest in News Corp Gossip

picture-9Thanks to the cell phone debacle and her dog’s latest shenanigans, most people are now aware of the Perez Hilton gossip website. DailyFill is similar to that, but focusing on gossip from News Corp.

The site, created by Slingshot Labs (an incubator owned by News Corp.), got off to an impressive start, hitting the streets at 1.7 million unique visitors within two months of launch. Those numbers come from two sources (Quantcast and PopSugar), so they aren’t just arbitrarily made up for the press.

Competing with the gossip industry’s online big dogs TMZ and Yahoo’s OMG, however, isn’t going to be easy and many have fallen by the wayside in the attempt. DailyFill has some great starting numbers, though, so if it can build on them, it may have a chance.

While the site is still in its relative infancy, it’s going strong, so time will tell if it continues to move up. The loose affiliation with MySpace (also a News Corp. company) may be a big advantage that DailyFill may be able to capitalize on.

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