Curdbee – Easy Invoicing for Small Business

There’s nothing new about online billing and invoicing systems, really, but there are definitely ways that the process can improve.  Most of the new startups in this market are aiming to become as easy to use as possible, but otherwise are basically the same as everyone else.  Some don’t even bother trying to be easier.  Just rely instead on funky websites and hopeful marketing. has a dumb name, a nothing-special site design, and not much marketing pushing it (that I can see).  What it does have is simplicity.  There are probably others in this space that are just as simple, but CurdBee catches the eye for being as simple as the $10 software off the shelf at the office store, but with a Web-based application instead.

It’s aimed squarely at the freelance and small business market.  Basically, if you’ve grown out of PayPal as a billing service, you’re ready for CurdBee.  It’s built to be simple, streamlined, and get your bookkeeping done for you as quickly as possible.

Invoice templates are built as quickly as you can upload a logo to insert and choose a color scheme.  Unless you want something fancy and totally unique, you can probably get a good-looking invoice for your biz out of CurdBee.  The usual busywork of entering client information into either one-off invoices or as recurring profiles for regular billing is required, of course, but otherwise it’s very fast to set up.

Payments can be accepted to three popular systems, at your discretion, with payment buttons being embedded right into the invoice itself.  You can choose to include PayPal, Google Checkout, or 2Checkout (or any combination) as your preferred payment portals.

Accounts at CurdBee are free to set up and most users will probably find everything they need in the Standard (free) account setup.  Businesses, rather than freelancers, will likely be better served with a Pro account, which includes taxes, SSL encryption, PDF invoices, and some add-on modules for expanded functionality.  The Pro accounts are only $5/month or $50/year, so even that is affordable for just about everyone.

For being so low-priced, CurdBee has a lot of functionality and if your invoicing doesn’t require a lot of whizz-bangs and extras, this app will probably do the job.  It’s greatest selling point is its quick setup and easy use.

CurdBee is an application made by Vesess, a Las Vegas and Sri Lanka-based development firm.

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