Credeble – Shared Expenses Tracking in Groups

Sharing expenses for work or business is one thing, but tracking shared expenses between friends can be quite a hassle.  My grandad always told me that the fastest way to lose friends is to have them owe you money.  Sharing expenses for nights out, a special party or occasion, or something else you’re doing amongst friends can be a real task.  Often, one person or another ends up footing most of the bill and this can eventually lead to resentment.

Luckily, there’s Credeble, a new online app for tracking shared expenses and debts.  With it, you can create an event, ad in what you or others have purchased for it, and have the total shared out amongst all participants so that everyone knows who owes what.

The app is simple, straight-forward, and very easy to use.  You just sign up (for free), create an event (Saturday’s Neil Diamond concert, say), ad in those who are participating (say Bob, Randy, and Sheila) and how much you’ve spent so far and on what (tickets, $380).  The expense is then shown as a credit on your name on the event graph and a debt on everyone else’s.

In this case, you’ll have a credit of $380 while Bob, Randy and Sheila will each have a $95 debt on theirs.  You can ad in that someone paid you some money, or paid for something else you’d like to credit towards their debt, etc.  Maybe Bob came over and fixed your car and you counted that as payment.  Or maybe Sheila paid for your daughter’s makeover for prom night, so you count that.

All in all, it’s an easy app to use, can be very useful, and is definitely worth a try.

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