Could Social Networks be Causing an Identity Crisis?

According to professor of pharmacology, Baroness Greenfield, at Oxford University, they could be.  She claims that large numbers of people now look for attention whenever they go online.  She points to the millions upon millions of people using sites such as Facebook and Twitter and claims that the brain could literally become rewired by excessive use of these sites.

Her comments will no doubt come as a surprise to the many people who use social networking sites to forge new business connections.  Social networking has long been seen as a positive way to enhance business.  But these websites were not the only targets of Baroness Greenfield’s statements.  She also included computer games in the mix.

However, she qualifies her statements somewhat by speaking about people who ‘depend’ on networks like Twitter and Facebook to interact with people.  Most of us know that these websites do not replace the experience of actually going out and talking to others, whether they are customers, clients, friends or family.  But Baroness Greenfield says that some users of social networking sites will not do well verbally and are less likely to be able to hold eye contact with someone else during a proper conversation.

Perhaps it is too early to blame all of society’s problems on these social networking sites.  After all it is the way we use them that matters, and most of us are smart enough to know their advantages and disadvantages.

Providing you aren’t spending hours upon hours every day on these sites, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about at all.

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