Cooking Dash iPhone App

I’ll admit that I’m becoming addicted to the “Dash” series of time management games.  They are fun, exciting, fast-paced and challenging.  This one takes everyone’s favorite dasher, Flo, and puts her in with famous chef Emeril on a wild restauranteur ride.

Cooking Dash is a tie-in with the Home Shopping Network, which explains Emeril’s presence, and has some fun game play as well as bonus includes like a free recipe and animations that add to the game play as well as the tie-in.

The game adds an extra dimension to the Diner Dash idea, requiring you to not only handle customers in seating and serving, but to also cook by putting together the right recipes for their orders.  This added work means you need to be even more on top of things than before.

There are fifty levels and a lot of restaurants with various themes.

Whatever you’re doing, if you have time to kill and a lightning rod focus, you will definitely love the Dash games.  This one is a great addition to the awesome franchise and will have you running around breathlessly trying to keep up (virtually, of course).  Well worth the download!

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