ConsumerSearch Yet Another Consumer Opinions Site

Anyone who’s shopped online or for a big-ticket item has likely done a product review search on the ‘Net, looking at consumer review and product review sites to compare options and models. ConsumerSearch is an aggregate search site that brings up product reviews from various other sites, combining them into one display.

There are eight categories of products on the site, including: electronics, home and garden, kitchen and food, automotive, etc. Site editors find the latest reviews, scrub them for quality, and then include them in the site’s database. Reviews from major magazine sites, product review sites, and retailers are all checked and often included.

While the site’s display and functionality are good and the reviews seem to be well-placed and easily found, it’s hard to see how this site differs from most other review sites. Sure, it includes results from lots of sources, but what are the criteria in the “scrubbing” process?

As has been said with most product review sites, take them with a grain of salt and don’t use just one as your source for information. Especially for big-ticket items or those items you’ll be hinging your business or livelihood on.

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