Concertattack Courts Virtual Groupies

picture-3I knew “a guy” back in the day that used to bury an old school tape recorder in the ground outside a famous amphitheater a few days before big concerts. Sometimes he threw a few beers in there for good measure, too. By the time the sound check started, that rusty old recorder was taped inside his sweater and he was dreaming of the bank his lil bootlegging operation would bring.

At, we don’t encourage that type of behavior, and luckily for enterprising concert fans, they no longer have to face jail time in their pursuit of the ultimate concert experience. is a live music community that invites you on the virtual tour bus – even if you don’t have a lower back tramp stamp. Post photos and videos, check in with bands like Eve 6 and Lady Antebellum, and then buy tickets once you’re convinced the show will be top notch.

While sharing photos and videos is fun, the coolest feature is the concert review tool, which allows users to vote on their own concert experiences and view others’ via bar-graph style review grids. See where the Foo Fighters rank in “Stage Presence” or “Girl to Guy” ration. We’re suggesting they add “Weed Smog” and “Port-O-Potty Cleanliness.” Regardless, it’s a uniquely objective way to grade a show.

Sure, nothing beats a live show. But when your parents just don’t understand why you want to go to the Beastie Boys concert, you can fight for your right to party online at concertattack.

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  1. Did you buddy ever get cuaght?

  2. Did you buddy ever get cuaght?


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