ConceptFeedback – Crowdsourcing Site Reviews to Thousands of Experts

Site reviews are part of the design/development business.  Crowdsourcing them is a relatively new development, but one that has really changed how websites are built and tested.  We’ve covered other crowdsourced review sites before, like Notable and OpenHallway.

ConceptFeedback is like neither of those, though OpenHallway is likely it’s most direct competition.  The biggest difference between the two is that Hallway uses anybody and everybody (so most of the testers are likely foreign to your intended market) while ConceptFeedback has panels of experts in Web design, development, marketing, and entrepreneurial business.

So reviews are not from everyday Joes, which has its advantages and disadvantages, but from experts in the fields surrounding websites as a business.  The number of reviews you’ll receive is not guaranteed, but is instead decided purely by how many people see it and decide to leave a review.  Most sites get at least 12 and many go as far as 100.

The way the ConceptFeedback community works is similar to many crowdsourcing sites for other purposes.  Reviewers are ranked by the number of reviews they’ve penned, how those reviews were rated by the receiver (a “reputation score”), and top reviewers receive extra points.  Review points can be used to get your own work reviewed (or potentially sold to others, if you think about it).

ConceptFeedback has an active community of about 5,000 reviewers to-date and the reviews mostly focus on technical, marketing, or other aspects of the site’s design.  Most of those who use the service seem to be very pleased with it.

Reviewers who’ve made five reviews can use those points to post their own concept for review.  Or for $9.99, your concept can bypass the 5-review requirement and be featured on the home page for review for a week.  That’s cheaper than any other service (worth trying) that we’ve seen in this market.

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