ConceptFeedback – A New Look for a Great Concept

Back in April, I reviewed ConceptFeedback, which at the time was new.  The site is growing quickly and nearing 10,000 members.  It features both free-for-all (amateur) reviewsand professional, paid reviews.  Members are able to submit their design concepts (websites, logos, etc) for review or pay to have vetted professionals review them – or both.

It’s now undergone a design overhaul to emphasize its business aspects.

The front-end of the site is now more focused on the professional (paid) aspects of the ConceptFeedback model.  Like other design review/crowd sourcing sites, ConceptFeedback utilizes paid professionals to give feedback on designs requesting professional critique.

Their new front-end emphasizes that.  At $100 per pro, the price is fair for what you get.  You’re also guaranteed a 48 hour turnaround as well, which can do a lot to keep a tight schedule on schedule.

Users of ConceptFeedback can gain reputation points by reviewing designs for others, receiving recognition for their contributions as others accept or reject their reviews.  This allows for a community and for the ability of designers to get unpaid reviews from the crowd.

This is a great way to get suggestions on tweaking your design.  It also means the community is open to both paid (pro) reviews and unpaid (amateur) reviews.  For anyone serious about their site or logo’s design, this can be a real bonus.

It’s nice to see a community like ConceptFeedback growing and doing well.  This type of mixed open-source and professional (paid) resource is excellent and proof positive of the power of the crowd as a business model.

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