Comparison Shop Until You Drop With Shopnics

The ‘Net’s newest personal shopper may not fetch you a frou-frou Starbuck’s drink or secretly sew in a smaller size tag in the back of your new pants, but can help you hone in on your next consumer electronics toy with ease.

Shopnics, now available in beta format, allows you to customize searches based on your personal techie preferences. I looked for a Blackberry in the ballpark of $99 to $201, scaled down the importance of weight in the equation and was presented with four solid choices. A search for camcorders based on price and optical zoom yielded a higher pool of choices, naturally because there are more brands and models at play.

After you input your preferences, Shopnics’ A.I. plots out a decision graph comprising colored dots that represent your best possible buying decisions. Look at this way: After you’ve maxed out your Discover card, at least you now have a partner in crime in Shopnics. Actually, maybe this is a better way to look at it: With Shopnics’ smarts, you’ll be less likely to abandon common sense and let brand egos and consumer electronics hearsay guide your purchases.

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