CloudShopper – Like Mall Rats, But Without the Hair

For a lot of people, shopping is as much a social experience as it is a fact of life.  Today, of course, our social lives are as much online as off.  This makes the world ripe for something that involves both shopping and online socialization.  Enter CloudShopper.

Shoppers like three things: finding cool items, being when friends when you do, and getting great deals on those items.  These three things are what CloudShopper works towards pulling together.  It’s a social network connection, shopping portal, and deal engine all in one.

Let’s say your friend Rene has a birthday coming up.  You aren’t sure what to get her, but you have some ideas, so you build a list through CloudShopper.  You then share the list (via Facebook) with Brodie, Brandi, Jay and Bob.  Collaborating through Facebook, you all decide on the best gifts for Rene.  Each of you decides which one they’ll buy and off you go.

Of course, while shopping, you see something else cool, so you tweet it to your friends.  Jay and Bob say they’ve seen the same thing (well, Jay says so anyway) and are about to buy it.  Crisis averted as you go back to the original plan.

Besides all of that, you each know your gifts are quality because CloudShopper also includes a Social Wire for these items.   These show what other people who aren’t in your network have to say about the item – sort of a more socially connected Yelp service.

Now that you all have the perfect items for Rene, all you have to do is celebrate the birthday.

This is a good idea and, although still in beta, the execution seems to be well done.  This is a market segment that will likely grow in the near future and CloudShopper is a great start on that.

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