CloudContacts Makes Organizing Contacts a Snap

picture-52Recycle that envelope. Save the stamp for your overdue heating bill. And make your friendly postal worker’s load a little lighter.

CloudContacts, the company and product that gave your Rolodex a virtual makeover, has made its online business card applications more Internet-friendly than ever.

CloudContacts used to work like this: You mailed in your rusty desk drawer of business cards, your cards were shepherded across the great online divide by CloudContacts professionals, and then they were ready to be imported into email and social networking apps.

Now you can bypass the first step, and instead of standing in a Disney World-esque line picture-102inside post office at lunch, you can simply snap photos of your cards with any email-enabled wireless device. Then just send the pics to your CloudContacts emailbox, your cards are quickly processed, and you’re good to go.

Using the service has a cost.  Starting at $29.95 for 100 cards, and if you want to use it on your mobile device it will cost you an extra $4.95 for 20 cards.

CloudContacts founder Allen Stern, says:

“There’s no application to download or install and unlike the OCR solutions, our data will always be correct. This is a great option as a follow along to a large mailed order, for someone who gathers only a few cards at a time, early adopters or for people in other countries as there are no mailing costs.”

It’s so easy that you’ll be tempted to steal a fistful of business cards from that fishbowl at Applebee’s.  Allen Stern has really given us a tool that is worthwhile using.  Great idea, and we will be sure to use it.

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