Clockspot Fast-Forwards Employee Time Management

Imagine a time and place when hourly employees can “phone it in” – and that’s a good thing.

With clockspot, a new online employee tracking service, phoning it in is no longer the cry of the slacker employee. That’s because the Web widget approach to employee time management enables remote workers to clock in and out via phone or Internet.

Ideal for companies with many locations, oodles of offsite employees and even contract workers, clockspot is a versatile and cost-effective solution that’s eons beyond the antiquated physical clock approach. And HR will be happy that no one will be punching anything, metaphorically speaking or otherwise. In addition to tracking employee time, the service also allows employers to build billing and time reports to identify and track trends. Are there specific times of the year when employees call in “sick” that aren’t as obvious as New Year’s Eve? Clockspot will help expose them.

Employees benefit from the Web-driven solution too, as they can easily catch a glimpse of how many vacation days they have left to burn at the end of each year, in addition to checking out other vital stats from their online timesheets.

Clockspot offers a robust demo and free tour, and pricing starts at just $10 a month. The D.I.Y approach is ideal for small and medium businesses. And unlike some of the greedy employee time-tracking industry giants out there, there are no set-up and cancellation fees or long-term contracts with clockspot. That means you can punch out whenever you want. And you’ll even save a couple of trees by losing those pesky timecards.

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  1. online employee tracking service? i wonder how this one will work on everyone.
    i hope this can be useful everytime.

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