Chop Chop Kicker – Prehistoric iPhone Fun

From time immemorial, humans have battled with their arch-enemy: boredom.  In prehistoric times, who’s to say that this wasn’t done by kicking dinosaurs?  That’s the idea behind Chop Chop Kicker, a new iPhone game from Gamerizon.

You play a caveman who kicks dinosaurs.  Once they’re airborne, the game gets fun and interesting.  Your goal is to keep them in the air for as long as possible.  The further the dinosaur goes, the better your score.

The skill in play comes in your ability to create a trajectory that the (now flying) dinosaur is likely to follow.  You do this by drawing a “rainbow” on the screen with your finger – which represents a magic marker that the caveman somehow got hold of.  Too flat and the dino won’t fly as far as it could.  Too curved and it will miss the apex and fall too soon.

The randomness is in the initial kick, over which you have basically no control.  Once the dinosaur is sailing through the atmosphere, however, you can quicly draw out your rainbow to guide it.

To add to this ballistics mayhem, you can also attempt to guide your flying prehistoric beast through special items that dot the sky.  These give bonuses to the game, such as chili peppers that create a.. shall we say “rocket” effect.

The game is awesome as a time-waster.  It’s just addictive enough to keep you playing, but not so complicated that you will find it impossible to play.

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