Chargify – Billing for Small Companies and SaaS Enterprises

chargifyOffering automated billing, simplified (and compliant) APIs and portals for collection and repeat billing is nothing new.  Even PayPal does it.  So why would someone want to build another app to do what’s already being done so often and by so many?  Well, maybe because they have a new way of doing it.

Chargify has two things right off the bat that most other providers of similar services do not: a full service offering that is free for very small startups and that charges no per-transaction fees.

Those two things are immediate attention grabbers, for sure.  If your startup or business has less than fifty customers or transactions to fulfill, the service is free.  After that, it’s tiered on a number of expected uses basis all the way up to a $2,500 per year unlimited use subscription.

On top of that, Chargify can handle free trial periods (delayed billing), special promotions (including coupon or discount codes), refunds, sending receipts and reminders before installment bills are charged.  It’s relatively easy to set up and plug into an existing site through the API and has some other great back-end services for the business owner.

These “business intelligence” tools are what makes Chargify so useful for many, I think.  You can chart, graph, or delve into the data to gain better insight into customer behavior, when and why people unsubscribe, who subscribes and where they come from, and more.  If it’s possible to build a metric on it and Chargify receives the data, you can find it out through the back end.

In my experience, only the most expensive solutions for billing do all of that.

Chargify offers recurring billing, subscription management, Dunning management (CC processing), record keeping, and all through a non-branded API site owners can integrate with their site seamlessly. It’s scalable according to your use, so you only pay what you plan to use, and it’s relatively easy to set up.

It’s targeted directly towards Web 2.0 and Software as a Service providers, but can be used for a myriad of other things as well.  It’s free for the first fifty customers, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

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