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Wines are a kind of art form, both in the making of them and the choosing.  We’ve all seen the abilities of debonair experts like James Bond to peruse a wine list and make the perfect choice.  For most of us, it’s not that easy.  Especially when all we really want is an affordable, tasty, and selective wine.  A trip down the aisles of any liquor store selling wines will tell you that even with a budget in mind, choosing a good wine is no simple task.

Now there’s to take the guesswork out of it.

On CellarThief, three wines are showcased at a time.  The first is a special wine for a special occasion.  This will be a (somewhat) expensive wine, though still at a bargain price compared to what you’d pay in the store (assuming your store had it).  The second is a budget-minded, everyday wine that is still something special compared to the usual $8-$15/bottle fare.  The last is an anything wine, usually with something special to set it apart like a unique flavor, unique process, or interesting lineage.

No matter which of the three you pick, you’re sure to get something unique.  In fact, up to three bottles can be shipped for the same price since CellarThief uses flat-rate shipping.  So if you pick all three from their list, or any combination thereof, you will pay the same $5 rate to ship them.

On top of that, this company also turns wine into water by donating proceeds from every sale towards charity to get clean, potable water to people around the world who don’t have access to this vital resource.  Every bottle of wine sold by CellarThief means gallons of water to those who need it.

To give you an idea of what kinds of wine CellarThief offers, the current list is a good example.  The daily pick is Natalie’s Estate 2004 Merlot at $15.99/bottle, compared to $30 retail.  Dutschke NV Sun Dried Shiraz is at $20.99 with a $35 retail tag and Clarendon Hills 2003 Brookman Merlot is at $31.99 (vs. $48 in stores).  82.800 days of clean water have also been donated to-date.

This is a great site for wine lovers who aren’t interested in breaking the bank or spending all day looking for the perfect vintage.

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  1. Thanks for featuring us here at CellarThief!

    We figured flipping things upside down a bit would not only be fun, but would help good wine-lovin' folks cut through the noise and aggravation of just picking a good wine to enjoy.

    We love what you guys are covering (and the way you are covering it) – social commerce is a growing force and we are start-up junkies ourselves.

    Here's to living and drinking well each day.




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