Cell Phone Service Cost Lowered Due To Internet Calling

The cost of cell phone services are being cut down because of Internet calling service available on some phones. Phones with Wi-Fi chips have access to this advantage. With VoIP combined with Wi-Fi it allows for users to use his cell phone with services that work on the web. Some newer phones are able to work off of just Wi-Fi! Which means they don’t even have to use a carrier. The mobile VoIP hasn’t caught on to the public yet and it will probably take a little while as T-Mobile is the only one that has internet calling plans thus far. Most of the companies that offer web based calling are smaller companies that are trying to make a mark in the world.

Now if you’re wondering how these companies can compete with the established VoIP services out there like Vonage it’s actually rather simple. The new companies don’t require you to have a computer or laptop in front of you. Even if you’re out of reception you can get the VoIP service!

For anyone that has family or friends outside of the country they live in, it’s a chance to save a huge amount of money while getting a chance to talk more to them. For an example the service Truphone charges only 6 cents per minute to call landlines in most countries. For less than a dollar you can talk for a huge amount of time! Even if it’s a cell phone that you want to call its only 30 cents a minute to call! As with anything if you buy it in bundles you can get even further discounted rates.

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  2. This blog is so usefully, Thanks for the posted 😉


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