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cashurwheelsThe idea of renting your vehicle to someone to put a wrap on it for advertisement has been around for a few years.  Putting the vehicle owner in touch with the advertiser is where the hard part comes in.  While several sites and networks have attempted to do this, so far it doesn’t seem that the connections have come easily. hopes to change that.

This Australian startup aims to be a marketplace where advertisers, vehicle owners, and related professionals (agents, body shops, etc.) all come together to form partnerships for everyone’s mutual benefit.  It’s sort of a combination of eBay and VOIS, with those looking for an advertiser to use their car (and make some money) and those looking to advertise can come together in an auction-style format.

That auction is where it happens.  There are two basic types of auctions on cashURwheels: advertiser auctions and vehicle owner auctions.

Advertisers can list auctions with the type of vehicle wrap they have, the type(s) of vehicles they’d prefer, and the geographic area they want it to be in.  Vehicle owners then participate in a sort of reverse auction format, one-downing each other by lowering bids until either the auction ends or the advertiser chooses the lowest bidder.

Vehicle owners can likewise list auctions with their vehicle, geographic location, driving habits, and so forth and then advertisers can one-up each other through the bidding process to get their ad on that vehicle.

So far, the site is only for Australians who wish to advertise, though anyone in the world can register for an account.  CashURwheels does plan to go global with their services soon, however.  Currently, there is no charge to use the site and this is promised to continue until October 31.  At that point, revenue will be made through charge-for-service models similar to the eBay system.

So far, the site appears to be gaining a lot of traction, especially amongst the more adventurous advertisers and car owners hoping to make a few bucks from their ride.

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