Cascaad – Social Networking In A Different Way

Cascaad – Social Networking In A Different Way

CascaadIf you struggle to keep up with your social media connections, Cascaad could be the answer for your problems.

The app enables you to focus on the topics you are most interested in, without having to figure out where the content is and how to follow it.  As such, Cascaad acts as an independent site to assist you in making the most of your social media memberships.  It is currently in its beta mode.

As well as using the website online you can also use it on your iPhone.  This makes you even more mobile and able to keep track and interact with all your social media site profiles while you are on the move.

Twitter is the primary social media site that Cascaad runs with, so in order to use the app a Twitter account must first be set up.  Once this is connected you can start using it to keep track of your other social media sites such as Facebook.

Cascaad looks promising in the first instance, so it will be interesting to see how well the application takes off.  If you are currently feeling overwhelmed by keeping track of your social network, and other apps that offer the same thing have let you down, Cascaad may help you peel it back.

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