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Cash for clunkers? Bah, who needs it when there’s a huge supply of great cars out there for under $1,000?  That’s what is all about.  Most of us remember our first car as a teenager.  It was some kind of jalopy that we got for whatever we could afford, probably less than a thousand bucks, most of us barely half that.  Those clunkers still had life in them and today, saving green is what it’s all about.

Entrepreneurs Chris Hedgecock and Jorge Gonzalez (who made ZeroPaid) pioneered the site to give auto buyers a centralized location to find their next bucket of bolts.  To promote their new site, after launch, the pair bought a 1974 Pontiac LeMans for $900 and drove it across the country.  Proof that even old jalopies are still great cars.

The site draws “inventory” (listings) from places like eBay Motors, the classifieds of several national newspapers, and other used car sites while also accepting ads from users directly.  The only requirement?  That the car be listed for less than $1,000.  Listing your car on CarsforaGrand is free.

There are everything from “parts cars” and salvage title junkers to still-running and in good shape “runs good” models of various makes and description.  Right now a 1993 Plymouth Acclaim is only $890 with low miles (108,433), but if pickup trucks are more your style, there’s also a 1985 Chevy K20 for only $850 with 70,000 miles.  Bitchin Camaro? $1,000 for a 1997.  Pickup truck with no engine?  1994 GMC Sonoma in good shape.  Party van? 1994 Dodge Ram Van for $900.

There’s definitely something for everyone.  Heck, you might find a great wreck for your next stint at the county fair’s demolition derby or, likewise, your teenager.  Same difference, just the paint will be different.  Right?

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