Cache County short of tech employees

Cache County short of tech employees

It’s not hard to see why people want to live in Cache County — the view of the valley is breathtaking. The area is surrounded by towering mountains, which are currently snowcapped and look majestic, and as you drive into the valley, sprawling fields surround U.S. 89-91 in every direction. You feel a sense of community just looking at the small mom-and-pop shops along the Main streets in Wellsville and Logan. And the small-town charm and pride in the agriculture is reflected in the colourful bull statues that line the street as you drive into Logan.

As Logan Mayor Craig Petersen says “It’s clean, green and pristine.”

The roughly 51,000-population county seat was settled by LDS pioneers in 1866 and celebrated its sesquicentennial in 2016. Logan and Cache County have both continued to grow in population during the past three years, as evidenced by two new high schools opening within a two-year period. However, the growth is happening at a “moderate rate,” which has been helpful for the communities to keep up with the needed infrastructure and demand, according to Cache County Council Chairman Greg Merrill.

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