Buzzmart – a Social Marketplace Unlike Any Other

buzzmartEcommerce is becoming more prevalent with every day that passes. So we should not be surprised to learn that there is another new website that looks set to make e-commerce even more accessible to a wider range of people.

Buzzmart has been created to allow people to sell items for free in a marketplace arena. Users can also build a profile page to help others find out more about them. Buzzmart may sound a little like eBay or other similar sites to begin with, but actually there are lots of differences.

There is a section called My Buzz in which key events and occurrences relating to that member will be displayed. A section called Experience will have any feedback that has been received as a result of selling items on the site. The site certainly has a good feel to it and it looks as though it may take off. It just depends on how many people find it and how many stay. There are some neat features though including a forum, and users can create videos about the items they are selling if they wish.

It remains to be seen if the site is different enough to really catch on. No doubt the free nature of the listings will attract some people, but whether it will remain free or be able to sustain a larger number of visitors is anyone’s guess. Still we shall be watching to find out what the answer is.

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  1. Thank you so much for the review. We do hope it will catch on, we have a lot of positive feedback from our users so far.


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