Bumpy Road – The Autumn Years

Ever get one of those games that you think is going to be only kind of entertaining, but will at least get you through the wait at the airport only to find that, four hours later, you’ve missed your flight and are completely obsessed with the game?  Bumpy Road is like that.

Made in Sweden by a group called Simogo, Bumpy Road just received a release of new levels and play screens called The Autumn Years.  When I first encoutered this game, I though it was just another Mario / Sonic ripoff and would be the same thing, but with different graphics.  Wow, glad I wasn’t right about that one!

Bumpy Road plays using the iPhone/iPad’s touch screen.  You literally “bump” your little car and its passengers along the screen to jump to different platforms and collect coins and goodies.

The original game released in May and has now seen an expansion (free to current game owners) that more than doubles its content.  Which is good because a lot of us obsessives needed new levels to play.

The best thing about Bumpy Road, I think, is that its developers took an approach very different from other games.  Instead of creating an arcade-style game that seems ported to the iOS platform, they instead built a game meant for the iOS platform that just happens to have arcade appeal.

That makes all the difference, since Bumpy Road would frankly not work on any other device unless it had the same touch screen possibilities of the iOS.  Which seems contrary to the Simogo pedigree, which includes a lot of work remaking classic arcade games for the iOS platform.  Apparently these two guys learned something doing that and have applied it to this awesome game.

I highly recommend Bumpy Road, but be forewarned that you’ll become obsessed with it.

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