Bumpy Ride

Ever wonder how bumpy the road is, how shot your vehicle’s shocks are, or how hardcore your offroading really is?  Then this is your app.

Bumpy Ride is an iPhone app that allows you to measure gyroscopic, acceleration, and general “bumpiness” of your vehicle’s ride simply by running the app and leaving it on while you’re driving.

It displays several bits of data.  It works on cars, trucks, SUVs, bicycles, or whatever.  Put it in the baby stroller if you want.  It’ll record the ride info.

The app records acceleration and deceleration, aggressiveness of the ride (in terms of accel/decel and bumpiness), the comfort and ruthlessness of the roadway, and gives gyroscopic views of the vehicle to show tilt and declination.

You can use the acceleration measurements to be more eco-friendly with your driving and save gas.  You can evaluate the roads you normally drive on and find out if they’re maybe causing undue comfort problems and even vehicle maintenance issues.

If you’re an off road enthusiast, you can use the app to find the limits of yourself as a driver and your vehicle.  You can evaluate vehicle stability in turns, use the gyroscope to assess tilt and so forth.

Think all this seems stupid?  Try the app.  For a buck, you’ll learn that there is a lot going on in your car, even on a boring commute to and from work.  It can be used to measure all sorts of rides too, not just the car, so you can test it out on just about anything.  Wonder what it would be like to be GI Joe in that little R/C car you gave your kid?  Put your iPhone in it and find out!

For the record, Joe would have serious internal injuries…

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