Bubbl.Us – Creating Mind Maps To Help You Think And Plan

Bubbl.usComing up with unique ideas is an important thing for many business owners.  Freelancers in particular probably do a lot more thinking in this respect if they work in a creative field, such as writing.

But you no longer need to restrict yourself to scribbling everything down on paper, because there is a website that allows you to do it all online instead.  The site is called Bubbl.Us, and it allows you to develop any idea you like with the help of bubbles.

The basic concept allows you to put an idea inside each bubble, creating a mind map as you go along.  You can create this any way you like, and if you want to change things this is easy to do.  Click on a bubble and drag it into its preferred position, for example.

You can also use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out on your map.  This enables you to locate specific areas on a larger mind map, while ensuring everything is also in the right place.  As such there is no limit to the size of the mind map you make for yourself.

There are also various ways to use these maps once you have created them.  There is even the facility to embed it into your website, which is ideal if you are creating graphics to use in this fashion.  Otherwise you can email it to whoever you want, and print it out for your own use too.

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