Broadcast Freelancer – Making It Easier To Find Freelance Work In Broadcasting

Freelancer-BroadcastThere are plenty of websites around offering jobs for freelance writers and designers. But when it comes to finding work in broadcasting it can be altogether more difficult to do so.

However a new website in the UK entitled Broadcast Freelancer aims to take the hard work out of finding these kinds of jobs. The website aims to bring employers and freelancers together so the right people can make themselves available for the right jobs.

Freelancers can subscribe to the site for a monthly fee or an annual fee, which works out slightly cheaper. In both cases a seven day trial can be claimed free of charge, to see whether the website will work for you.

The home page has a constant feed containing the latest jobs that have been posted to the site. You cannot view these unless you are a member but it does give you the opportunity to see what kinds of work are available when you do join. Freelancers in the broadcasting business can find it difficult to get work in many cases, and this is where Broadcast Freelancer is hoping to make a difference.

You can also save your location to see jobs that are local to you, as well as saving any particular jobs you like and wish to apply for. With lots of articles and other content to make use of as well, it could indeed be money well spent for people signing up for a membership of some kind.

If the site proves well in the UK, it could allow for a number of other sites to pop-up internationally as well. Time will certainly tell, but as with all things social media-related – if there is a market for it, they will come.

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