Britney Becomes the Biggest Google+ User

There is no doubt that the more celebrities a social media network can claim as members, the more interest people tend to pay to the network itself.  Google+ is doing as much as it can to get on the scoreboard and chase after the sight of Facebook (currently well ahead and leaving its dust behind for Google+ to eat).  But it has hit the headlines in recent days for generating an audience of one million followers for one particularly famous person.

The person in question is Britney Spears (whose following will now no doubt have swollen even further following on from this news).  It is good news for Google+ to have its very first user with that number of followers, although Google CEO Larry Page may not be so happy, since he was previously the user with the highest number of followers.  One would think though that Britney would be capable of hitting more headlines and thus bringing in more good publicity for Google+.

The question now is whether the social media site will be able to add any more people to the “Million Plus” club in the near future.  Clearly, the more celebrity users it has, the better it is for the site as a whole.  It enables Google+ to take advantage of the good publicity and perhaps encourage more people to become members of the site themselves.

Perhaps they should run a competition to guess who will be next to hit the magic number.

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