BreakThrough To The Other Side

breakthrough.comMany people have a therapist or psychiatric professional that they talk to on a regular basis.  For most, therapy is how they relieve stress, deal with the issues in their lives, and generally gain psychological well-being.  The problem is that finding a therapist or even going to see one can be a strain on time and resources. wants to change that by offering connections for therapists and patients so that they can connect via teletherapy and telepsychiatry.  This is a relatively new concept in which the therapist talks to the patient via secure phone, video, chat, or email rather than in person.  It can be a real time saver and can work for many patients.

Teletherapy is covered by many insurance plans and is often more affordable than in-office visits.  In fact, a growing number of therapists are doing away with the office altogether, saving costs and thus lowering rates.

BreakThrough is currently in closed beta, but anyone can request access through the site and receive a code via email.  The site itself is clean, loads quickly, and has a simple interface that makes sense.  It’s a sort of Facebook or VOIS for therapists and patients who want to connect.

Profiles of patients are discreet and do not need to be readily identifiable with the person they represent.  Therapist and psychiatrist profiles are professionally verified before becoming active, so you know that the person you’re talking to is a licensed professional.

Currently, the site is limited to therapists and patients based in the U.S., but spinoffs for various parts of the globe will be forthcoming.  Every state in the U.S. has different rules and laws governing how teletherapy may be conducted, though the general rules are usually the same.  The site provides a great guide to these individual laws once you sign in, so if you’re in Texas, you can get the laws governing teletherapy for your needs and if you’re in California, your state’s specific rules will also be given.

Practitioners, of course, can be located anywhere and can work with patients in any state in which they are licensed to do so.

Until the site goes live, payments are processed entirely through PayPal either before or after each therapy session or on-site meetup.

BreakThrough promises to be a great boon to the burgeoning industry of teletherapy.  Hopefully a lot of people will find the help they need through services like this.  This is likely the future of much of the mental health industry.

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