Boxedup Your Internet-Wide Wish List Provider

Ever wish your Amazon Wish List could be used everywhere on the Web instead of just on Amazon? Maybe you already use Kaboodle, but aren’t interested in all the fluffy user reviews and questionable recommendations? Well Boxedup hopes that they’re the solution for you.

Based in the UK, the site was started by Chris Osborne and Jeremy Baines in 2007, along with angel investor Toby Smallpeice. Since then, it’s gained in market share and built an impressive user base in both the UK and the United States.

The idea is simple: as you browse the Web looking for products or researching a purchase, you’re going to have a lot of information you’d like to keep track of. Or perhaps you’ve run into things you might want to get, but don’t have the money for or the time to spend purchasing right now. So you bookmark it using Boxedup rather than your browser’s bookmarks (which are usually quickly forgotten). The item is put onto a virtual Wish List that you can later go back to and categorize, delete, or purchase from.

In addition to this, items listed in your Boxedup bookmarks will show other purchase options from other online stores, possibly saving you some money. If you’re inclined to write online reviews or at least vote on products you’ve purchased, you can do so as well, so others who might see that product will know what you thought of it.

The most obvious draw point for this site, however, is its use as a sort of “gift registry” from which items you’re interested in getting can be searched by your friends, family, and other ‘Net friends to purchase as a gift. With integration into social sites like Facebook, Boxedup allows you to share your wanted items list. By default, items that are purchased as a gift are no longer shown as possible gifts to other potential gift-givers.

The site monetizes itself through both Google AdSense integration and from affiliate sales based on recommended products through the site.

Boxedup is currently boasting 13,000 registered users and around 30,000 unique visitors per month. With an upcoming advertising blitz and some publicity, they hope to grow that number to over 100k. The site is free to use and might be a great find for the online shopper.

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