BooksPrice Is Where Smart (and broke) People Hang

Sometimes you have to feel sorry for books. It seems like the written word, from history texts to pulp novels, is the forgotten entertainment medium these days. Even VHS had a better retirement party.

With countless websites devoted to Blu-ray and iTunes, it’s easy to forget about books. But people are still reading. They’re reading more than music magazines and video game instruction booklets. And is helping them do it cheaper than ever.

BooksPrice is your typical shopping portal aggregator. Search by title, author or that fancy ISBN number. You can even tweet the stuff you’re looking via Twitter and your mobile device to make sure the bookstore next door to the one you’re in doesn’t have that paperback a few bits cheaper.

I looked up Charles Bukowski’s “Factotum” in the aggregator, and out of habit grabbed a cheap bottle of muscatel to keep me company during the search. Seconds later, I had 40 shopping options. I could get the book from anywhere from $11 to $68, with shipping cheaper than a buck. And I could get it as soon as 24 hours.

In addition to books, BooksPrice also lets you search for music, DVDs and a whole mess of other junk. But these media already have captive audiences at bigger and bolder sites. Shoppers will be bookmarking the website for one reason: Books. And that’s what BooksPrice should stick to.

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  1. Wow.. I am a book lover and I am extremely thankful to you that you shared the website bookprice with me.


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