Book Drum – Literary Classics… Now With Video!

Ever felt that in order to read one book properly, you’d have to read about six others? And let’s face it, you barely have time for the first one. is a new site that promises to solve that problem.

Book Drum allows anyone to add bookmarks referring to bits of a book that might be enhanced by additional material, whether it be video, music, pictures, maps or extended definitions. Reading The Kite Runner and don’t know what Buzkashi is? Read a definition, see a photo, or watch a video of the sport. Reading Bridget Jone’s Diary and don’t understand all the Mr. Darcy references? Book Drum provides relevant quotes (that may even encourage you to read the original Jane Austen).

Book Drum works well on phones, particularly the iPhone, so you can easily look up that obscure reference to WWI when you’re reading on the bus. This site is also invaluable to students, untangling great works of literature like The Oddessy, page by page, and bringing it to life with maps, pictures and video.

Book Drum is currently concentrating on adding 500 classic works to their database (including both fiction and non-fiction, and even graphic novels), but they allow you to enter and profile any published book on their site. They are adding a new profile every other day to their database, so stop by regularly and check out what they’ve got. Discover a new classic, or revisit your old favourites. And, if they don’t have your favourite yet, who better to profile it than you?

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