BitTorrent To Offer Original Web Series

BitTorrent is going legitimate by offering its own full-production Web series of videos. The show, called Children of the Machine, is produced by Marco Weber and is a sci-fi action-adventure in which androids have taken over and humans must band together to survive (ala the Terminator back story). The show will be available as a BitTorrent Bundle, which is a service that allows content creators to release their content directly to consumers.

The file-sharing service, of course, has gained popularity as a place to go to share illicit or questionable material, though the service insist that most of what is shared is legitimate. The peer-to-peer platform has avoided most legal trouble, unlike it predecessor Napster, but has faced the cliff in court more than once. By offering their own content, the service hopes to up its legitimacy level to the public.

Over 2 million legally licensed pieces of content are available via BitTorrent, often through the Bundle program. Artists who opt into the Bundle program get 90 percent of the sales revenue, as well as data on those who downloaded their content. This latest series from Weber is in cooperation with BitTorrent and the producer hopes to cash in on the primarily male, tech-savvy audience as his target for the production.

Children of the Machine is an eight-episode “seasonal” TV-like production with bonus content. It’s selling for $4.95 for the season of $9.95 for the season plus bonuses. It’s releasing one episode at a time, with the pilot now available, and will then be available as a one-shot bundle for viewing all at once. The pilot episode has no commercials, but some are planned for other episodes as they release, Weber says.

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