Billings Touch – Time Tracking and Invoicing on Your iPhone

Mac users who are familiar with the popular Billings software for time tracking and invoicing will be glad to hear that the popular app now has an iPhone companion called Billings Touch.

Those already using Billings will find Billings Touch an easy setup, as it can connect and integrate with your Billings software directly.  The app is, however, stand-alone, so it can also be used without the accompanying Mac desktop version.

Otherwise, you’ll need a little more time to set up rates, clients, tax options, and so forth.  The good news is, once it’s set up, you will probably be able to handle nearly all of your freelance or professional billing on-site or check pending invoices or other information right from your phone.

Probably the most useful aspect for most mobile professionals is the ability to start up a virtual time clock once you arrive on the job and track your time until you leave, right there from your phone.  This is automatically added to a pending invoice for the client selected, making billing and estimates quick and on-the-fly.

Most standard invoicing tasks including expenses and mileage are easy to include.  While on the job, you can also track estimates versus current status to see that you’re staying on budget or to let the client know if you’re going to go over.

The problem with this app (and apps like it) is the iPhone’s interface for entering data.  Typing client names, addresses, emails, etc. can be tedious when done from the phone.  Otherwise, however, the mobile pro will find these apps indispensable.

Billings Touch is $14.99 at the app store and Billings, its Mac desktop counterpart, is $39.99 direct.  The two are really meant to work together, but both are stand-alone and do not require the other to operate.

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