Bike Baron – Nutty Motorcycle Mayhem

This game is nuts and a lot of fun.  You control the Bike Baron as he races around on his motorcycle committing daring stunts, avoiding obstacles, meeting challenges, and more.

The game was made by developers involved in Minigore, Death Rally, Aqua Globs, and Angry Birds.  It can be played on its own or with friends.  It also includes a full-featured level editor that lets you make your own levels to share with friends or the Bike Baron world at large.

The game play is amazingly addictive and will keep you playing for hours.  So don’t play this game if you have no free time.  It also gets regular updates and lots of new player maps, so it never gets boring.

In fact, more than 32,000 user levels have been made thus far and the number keeps growing.  It’s a very popular game!

On the iPhone 3 and 4, it looks very good.  On the 4S and iPad 2, the graphics are really awesome.  It also plays on the iPod Touch 4th generation and the 32+GB 3rd generations as well.

Definitely a game worth trying (if you have the time) and are interested in something very new, unique, and totally fun. You’ll find it in the iTunes store.

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