Bestcovery Know Before You Buy

Most people will go to Consumer Reports or a similar resource that’s perceived to be unbiased to get an in-depth look at a pricey product like a car or computer before they go out and buy it. Before you spend big bucks on something, you want to make sure you’re getting the best.

Bestcovery hopes to be the resource you’ll use for the smaller, less pricey items that you might still want a good opinion on. They review and do analysis on a myriad of consumer electronics, home appliances, and even health and beauty items. Bestcovery sets itself above it’s competition, though, by offering in-depth analysis rather than just users voting “pro” or “con” on an item.

The reviews done on Bestcovery are done by a team of in-house editors as well as external experts who volunteer to the site. The site promises to cut back on potential bias (an obvious concern here) by allowing users to submit suggestions as well, though the editorial review has final say as to whether those are included or not.

This site is a good idea and is off to a good start, but there is a lot of questions about how non-biased they really are, as there would be with any site of this nature. To be fair, even Consumer Reports, who has long been a paragon of unbiased testing, had to start somewhere. Right now, though, it’s too early to see if Bestcovery will hold themselves to the same standard.

So for now, small ticket items can be advised through this site, but I don’t think I’d trust their opinion to be my only guide when choosing a big ticket item like a plasma screen or high-end computer.

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