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There are no end to apps of this type on the Web.  Expense tracking and shared expenses are an extremely tedious and common thing to automate for the sake of sanity and simplicity.  Most of these apps are basically the same thing, with small nuances between them changing their focus market or usability. is relatively flexible in this niche, easier to use than most, and is tolerably functional for both the household tracker and the business group on the go.

Probably Beezang’s greatest asset is its total simplicity of design and use.  Everything is located directly on the front page, so there’s no nesting to find something you use all the time.  If you’re looking for a way to split housing expenses in a shared apartment, track expenses on business trips between colleagues, or just track household bills for easier budgeting, there is a simple way to use Beezang that will work for you.

For household budgets, for instance, a couple can work together tracking expenses and income to split the workload of bill paying and budgeting.  This works just as well for shared living quarters.

Business users will probably find the email tool, which allows you to email a specific address your expense numbers to have them automatically integrated.  The home office can then easily track these expenses live.  This means you can email the app from your phone and save data usage rates.

Overall, the app is worth a try and is free to use.  Whether it will be useful to you is going to depend on what kinds of bells and whistles you really need in your shared expense tracking.  For most small applications, though, Beezang is probably as good a choice as any.

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    Hi Craig,

    Thanks a lot for writing about Beezang. We're glad that you found the app both useful and easy to use. That has been our goal, to build an app that people find super easy. Please feel free to ping us anytime you have any thoughts to share

    Team Beezang


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