Beencounter – Analyzing Your Site Visitor’s Behavior

beencounterBeencounter gets its name from its primary focus.  It analyzes the browser histories of your site’s visitors and give you analytical data based on that to show you where your visitors come from, where they go, and what they’re doing in their surfing habits.

That’s valuable data to have and has one leg up on its competition: Beencounter aims for smaller enterprise and businesses, not the huge advertising behemoths that usually get this kind of information. And they get it at a premium price too.

Beencounter provides two things you don’t usually get from your standard web analytics on the server side: where visitors have been before coming to your site (not their click path, but true browser histories) and an API you can use to use that information for behavioral targeting with advertising.

That last part is where Beencounter can pay off for many site owners.  Advertisers are more interested in targeting their ads than they are in just displaying them.  So for a smart advertiser, showing ads less often, but to a more targeted audience is preferable to showing ads to many people, most of whom may not be interested.

I tried the free account on Beencounter and, after a week, found the data to be very interesting.  I had a good idea of which sites my visitors would most likely be going to besides mine, of course, but didn’t know how often or which were more popular.

Comparing three of my site’s colleagues, I found that one of them in particular was more trafficked than the others.  So if I were to spend my advertising dollars at any of the three sites, I now know which is more likely to target those who already visit my own site.

On the reverse, for those who use this kind of data, it can be used as a third party verification to show potential advertisers how well targeted their ads could be on your own site.  The API can also be used to make sure those ads are fully targeted towards their audience based on behavior.

This service is definitely worth looking into if you’re a site owner with or without advertising.  Even if your site doesn’t post adverts, the data from the free account can greatly increase your own marketing.  For those who do, access to more extensive data starts at only $9.95/month and access to the API starts at $49.95/month.

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