Be the Quarterback – iPhone game for the after-Bowl fix

Now that the Super Bowl has been played and the NFL season is over, those who are still obsessed with the game can get their football on thanks to this iPhone game from Full Fat Games.

The new 2013 version is a continuation of the number one sports game and is the only officially-recognized NFL QB game.  It’s an intense, action-packed game with a short learning curve and a lot of addicting factors.

After the snap, your receivers power off the line and you must assess the play and situation, choose a receiver, lead the pass, and let it fly within seconds or your line may not hold and you’ll get taken down.

Added to that are weather effects, competition through Facebook, and your choice of all 32 NFL teams to play for or against.  Receiver routes are based on actual plays from NFL playbooks (as well as some generalized football plays).

As you win games, you can upgrade your stadium and share your awesome pigskin throwing prowess with friends on Facebook.

Veteran players of previous versions of the game will see improved controls, higher-resolution graphics, and updated uniforms and equipment for the 2013 season.  The only complaint I would air is that the game does tend to hound you for in-game microtransactions to purchase items, but this does not interfere with game play and no further purchases are necessary to play the game through.

This is definitely an excellent sequel to a game that didn’t seem to need much improvement, but is for sure better now because of the upgrade.  A lot of fun.

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