Be Tardy And Still Impress With Oops I’m Late

You keep your clock ahead 15 minutes and triple check the alarm with OCD-like frequency. You wear a watch bigger than Flavor Flav. And you have the time zones tattooed on your wrist.

But, alas, you’re still always late. Granted, you usually have a decent excuse, but it doesn’t matter in the eyes of a big shot CEO, an impatient customer or your time management class instructor.

Thankfully, if you’re packing a GPS-enabled Windows smartphone with a calendar to boot, there’s some help. Oops I’m Late can’t save you time – it lacks the necessary flux capacitor – but it can save you embarrassment and the need to make up lame excuses. The relatively new application synchs up with your calendar and GPS, and sends messages to waiting parties letting know you’re late (and how late), on time or that you’ve already arrived. These messages can be delivered to selected parties via SMS, Twitter and Facebook.

The time management app comes in a free version (ads included), and pay-for versions that include elevating suites of features and top out at $24.99. Bulk discounts are also available for business orders.

Oops I’m Late clocked in on Jan. 1, 2007, and has since launched several iterations with steadily improving functionality, including integration with Microsoft Live Search. No doubt the application’s owners are banking on more states passing “no driving while talking on handset” laws, as the service’s hands-free safety pitch is key to its success.

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