Barnes & Noble Drops Prices on Nooks

Barnes & Noble has cut back the prices on its popular Nook tablets, likely hoping to build interest amid growing competition from Google’s new Nexus 7 (starting at $200) and the upcoming Kindle Fire from Amazon likely to be price competitive as well.

The Nook Color has been dropped to $149 from $169, the Nook Tablet 8GB to $179 from $199 and the Nook Tablet 16GB from $249 to $199.

These popular 7-inch tablets have been selling well since their introduction, competing directly with Amazon’s Kindle lineup and offering similar functionality at a lower price point once the built-in advertising on the Amazon products is removed.  The Android-based tablets are focused on reading rather than Web surfing or apps, making them separate from the higher-priced and more connective iPad and Nexus 7.

Still, the price drop is interesting strategy as B&N looks to continue keeping the pressure on Amazon.

“Our Reader’s Tablets have consistently been the highest rated products by the leading technology experts and now they’re available for the lowest prices ever,” said Jamie Iannone, President of Digital Products at Barnes & Noble. “With NOOK Color for $149 and NOOK Tablet starting at $179, customers can enjoy our best-in-class digital reading and entertainment experience with an expansive selection of digital content and apps at an unbeatable price.”

Amazon is expected to make an announcement about a follow-on to the Fire tablet soon and rumors have flown as to what this will entail.  Most of this speculation centers on whether the Fire will be a second-generation or a whole new offering altogether.

Meanwhile, Barnes & Noble has kept the Nook in the limelight by winning awards, accolades, and market share.

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