Bargain Bin – Know When To Get Your iPhone Apps At Cheaper Prices

Bargain Bin – Know When To Get Your iPhone Apps At Cheaper Prices

Bargain Bin AppIf you have an iPhone you will know that there are plenty of apps that are free of charge.  There are also plenty of apps for around $0.50.

Many free apps are (as you’re in all likelihood well aware) ‘lite’ versions of the full app. If you are eager to buy the full versions but want to pay the lowest possible price for them, the Bargain Bin app could be ideal for you.

If you have your eye on a few apps you like the look of, you can now let Bargain Bin tell you when the price is dropped on those same apps. You might even get them for free if they are made available as such for a short period of time. Instead of chancing being able to find the app for a lower price by constantly going into the apps store, you can instead let Bargain Bin alert you when the price is right for you.

Needless to say, for fans of frugality this is certainly a worthwhile app to download. As soon as you get an alert you can go into the app store and buy it or download it for free, or at a reduced price (depending on the circumstances of the cost reduction).

The good news is that you don’t have to pay for the Bargain Bin app either, which certainly makes it even more appealing.

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