As We Depart For SXSW 2009

cartoonmeWe are about to head to the airport to attend SXSW (South By Southwest).  If you happen to see me walking around, please do not hesitate to stop me and tell me about your company.  sCommerce, unlike many of the other blogs out there, does not consider this a hassle.  We consider it an honor to try to give some needed publicity to any start up that seeks out our advice and help.

My advice to those who are attending SXSW, do not walk around the whole day texting and playing around on your phone, as you will miss many important people who might have gone un-noticed while you were looking down.  Strike up a conversation with anyone who makes eye contact with you.  You are not spending all this money to just act like your introverted self.  This event is about getting to know the fellow members of the tech community.  You will be shocked at how much you have in common with each other.  The tech community is about co-opetition, and if you see someone that you have been meaning to ask a question to, or curious how they accomplished the programming they did, don’t be scared to ask.  It will shock you, how happy they will be that someone noticed their quality work.

SXSW is also one of the best spots on earth to find a designer, or coder for your company.  Pay attention to the name tags!  You might see the very person who could propel you into fame!

You can twitter me @lapp or Gary @voisgary even Herb @voisherb, any time during the events to find out where we are, and where we will be.  If you mention on twitter I LOVE and hashtag #sxsw or #sxswi and show it to us in a bar….then the drinks are on us!


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