Apple Doesn’t Want Students to Fail (as much)

Apple is likely to continue their annual back-to-school special pricing and discounts, according to sources inside the company.  These include educational discounts on computers as well as a free iPod Touch with an educational computer purchase or $229 towards any other iPod.

Sources are also saying that the company may have another special offer this year: up to $200 off an iPad with any new Mac purchase.

All of this might be announced at the upcoming WWDC event.  BGR is sourcing this material as “insiders.”

If true, it’s obvious that in the “who loves education more” war, Apple wins.  Last week, I mentioned that Microsoft has a sweet “forget your homework, education is lame anyway” deal where they give you an Xbox when you buy a Windows 7 PC.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can see slightly more educational value in an iPad than I can in an Xbox.  On the other hand, the iPod has only marginal educational value – but at least you can get MP3 books and (possibly) record lectures and listen to them on the iPod.  Whereas the Xbox has absolutely no redeemable value for education that I can think of.

(Sorry, you do not get a “street education” playing GTA)

It’s obvious to me that Apple loves education a lot more than Microsoft does.

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