Apple begins notifying iTunes users of settlements

Apple has settled the case brought by iTunes users who say they were inappropriately charged or not properly notified of in-app charges for some apps downloaded from the iTunes store. Apple has agreed to pay settlements to those users based upon how much they were charged through in-app purchases.

Most of the litigants were parents whose children downloaded apps that then allowed the kids to buy items through their parents’ iTunes accounts without requiring parental permission. Some racked up thousands in charges.

Those with charges under $30 will receive a $5 iTunes gift card while those whose amounts were over $30 will receive cash settlements.

The email reads:

You may choose between (a) a single $5 iTunes Store credit or (b) a credit equal to the total amount of Game Currency that a minor charged to your iTunes account without your knowledge or permission within a single forty-five (45) day period, less any refund you previously received (“Aggregate Relief”). A cash refund in lieu of an iTunes Store credit is available if (a) you no longer have an active iTunes account, or (b) your claims exceed $30 in total.

Those wishing to make a claim have 45 days to do so. A claim form package is available at  The claims process closes entirely on January 13, 2014. Those who wish to not be legally bound by the settlement must exclude themselves by August 30, 2013 with a written claim.

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