Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

picture-191Tired of opening your desk drawer or opening the community fridge at work only to find that your lunch bag is empty thanks to a workplace lunch thief? Maybe your kids keep coming up hungry at school thanks to the lunch thief in their classroom?

Well, your worries are over. Introducing: the anti-theft lunch bag!

These innovative sandwich bags are like any normal Ziploc-type sandwich sealer, but with one serious improvement: mold.

Not real mold, mind you, just fake green splotches printed on the outsides of the plastic bags. It instantly makes any sandwich look spoiled.

Now THAT is innovative thinking we can all use. The only thing that could make this better would be if buying these bags could help charity too. Wait! They thought of that!

Five percent of every purchase of these anti-theft lunch bags goes to the Feed the Hungry fund, which takes food relief to drought-stricken and starving areas of the world. So no more guilt trip when you have leftovers in your sandwich bag. Sorry, moms, but your threats about starving kids in China are no longer valid thanks to the Anti-Theft Lunch Bag!

Get yours today and do your part to save the world – and your lunch!

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  1. What if someone at the office gets tired of looking at the moldy sandwich and throws it away? I would.

  2. Good point, I never thought of that, but I guess I would throw it out too!

  3. ……… too……… : )


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