Anthillz Closing Its Doors?

anthillz-banner_mediumYesterday, we got an email from Blake Jennelle, founder and CEO of, informing us that the website and service will be closing its doors soon.  He cites the inability to translate the community into a business.

Anthillz, is/was a business networking site.  Its focus was on freelance and small business connections based on past history and relationships.  Anthillz launched in September, 2008 and we’d hoped to see it build itself into a viable model of social commerce.

So far, the Anthillz site doesn’t mention their pending closure, but I suspect that the users of the site have been notified, as I was.  Site visitorship has dropped steadily since the launch.

The idea behind Anthillz was a good one: building business relationships with real social networking rather than just random acquaintance networking.  Most social networking sites like LinkdIn or Twitter are fairly impersonal in this regard, while other sites like Facebook are a little too personal and, frankly, unprofessional.

Anthillz’ own “About Us” page said that they hoped to either create a thriving social networking/commerce alternative for professionals or inspire the big fish to do better themselves.  I’m not sure this has worked so far as Facebook and the rest go, but some freelancer sites are beginning to get the idea and adding more networking to their apps.

We will be interested in what the team at Anthillz will be doing now and wish them the best of luck.

The complete text of the email from Anthillz is below.

In just a few days, will be officially closing its doors.

We’re closing because we were not able to translate the community you built into a viable business.

It’s with more pride than sadness that I share this news with you. We’re proud of this community and the opportunity you gave us.

You took a chance on Anthillz because you believed that something was missing in professional networking.

Really, you took a chance on an idea—that a small trusted network can be more powerful than a large, anonymous one—and you took a chance on us as a team.

Your faith in us was a tremendous gift. It kept us going each day, and we did all we could to prove ourselves worthy of it.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to get to know you and to be a part of this community. We walk away with great friends and great memories.

Yours truly,

Blake Jennelle
Founder and CEO of Anthillz

On behalf of the entire Anthillz Team: Nate, Chap, Joe, Bill and Alex.

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  1. Thank you Aaron for your thoughtful post and well wishes!

  2. Thank you Aaron for your thoughtful post and well wishes!


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